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@knickbarr on Instagram: 

"Dying my hair too much had me to the point my hair wouldn't curl naturally anymore and my friends said it looked like I had a wig on (I need new friends 😑 jk love you guys, thanks for the honestly). So huge shout out to @thunderbeardproducts for this Harmony oil for women. It helps my hair way more than I had ever expected. If you have frizzy dry locks- You. Need. This."

I just have to say that this product has changed my life!  Being a good friend of Daniel's I realized how awesome sporting a beard could be!  Thank you Daniel for creating these oils that make my civil war like beard feel great and look amazing. My wife hated the way my beard started, but over time and using the signature series OUTLAW she said she wants me to keep it going and enjoys the smell and loves running her fingers through it!  I am proud to be on the bottle and hope everybody spreads the word about this product!  Thank you Daniel for making me feel great about having a sweet beard!  Thank you to all my bearded brothers who love this product! -James (Outlaw)

"The Thunderbeard Mint Glacier is one of my favorite oils on the market today. Great job!!"

-Jeff Langum- 2013 World Beard & Mustache Champion

Citrus saddle has a fantastic aroma and makes my facial hair feel so much softer. Also, since using Citrus Saddle my beard has become much more thicker and fuller. I would recommend it to anyone with facial hair! 

-Jeremy B-

I have been searching for a good quality beard oil since I found out about them. I have order them from all around the world. I found so many smells I liked, but once I stumbled across Thunder beard it was a different story. My beard is now softer and my girlfriend doesn’t complain about how rough it feels anymore. The smells between the two that I purchased couldn’t be any better. Thunder beard products are at the top of my list. 

-Matt B.-